Painless procedure to shine and hydrate your skin simultaneously!! AQUACELL WATER SHINING SYSTEM Feel the clear glossy change to your skin. What is AQUA CELL? The Newest Skin Resurfacing Non-lnvasive Non-Irritating Simultaneous Actions Simultaneous Actions -Cleansing -Exfoliation -Extraction -Hydration

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Highlights of the AQUA CELL 

1- Exfoliate and hydrate at the smae time 

AQUA CELL exfoliates and get rid of sebum and black head while hydrating the skin a the same time. This process will resuıt in glossy and moist outcome of the skin. 

2- Total skin care with no side effect

The proceess    will  get rid of dead skin cells and impurities without causing harm to the 

live skin cells. During this process. serum with high concentralion of nutrition and hydration agents is inserted deed into the skin through its unique treatment. The treatment does not put stress on the skin resulting in painless, scar less, and with no side effect resuıts. Experience the rejuvenation with soft, moist and gıossy skin.Since there is no down time after the treatment immediate return to everyday life is realized 

3- Multi effective Facial Skin Care 

AOUA CELL is capable of providing effective treatment in whitening, acne, freckle, fine wrinkle, pore-reduction, black-head removal and improving facial definition; all the same time. 

Features of the AQUA CELL 


-Reduce the appereance of fine line

-Diminishes appeareance of age spots

-Reduce roughness

-Firm the skin