1550nm Erbium Glass Fiber Pixel Laser ... The 1550nm Erbium Glass is a true second generation fractional FDA & CE Certiifed The 1550nm Erbium Glass is a true second generation fractional laser offering unique clinical advantages over any other laser in its class. Now wider range of indications can be treated more effectively in less time.

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Treatment  theory of 1550nm fiber laser fractional/pixel laser  :
It’s a non-invasive Er: glass laser system with a wavelength of 1550nm. The wavelength of 1550nm applies thermal pulses deeply into the derma through the epidermis, where they are absorbed by the water in the tissue and leads to high temperature inside tissue. The tissue is heated gently, and results in decomposition of cell, while the skin surface is undamaged.

The laser's intense thermal energy selectively destroys the sebaceous glands in the skin and stops their over-production. It activated growth of antibacterial oxygen species and suppresses bacterial growth. The thermal energy stimulated the neo-synthesis of collagen in the connective tissue in deeper skin layers. Small scars, wrinkles and the pore-size are reduced. The whole complexion looks tighter and fresher. New collagen tightens and refreshes the skin. However the skin surface itself is not affected by the treatment at all. It's reliable, non-invasive and achieves long-lasting results.

Application of 1550nm fiber laser fractional/pixel laser  :

1. Removing of fine lines and deeper wrinkles of face, neck, and striae gravidarum, and significantly improving medium to deep wrinkles.
2. Removing inflammatory acne and smoothing our of scars
3. Removing warts, moles, and pigmented lesions
4. Removing age-spots and sun-spots, freckles
5. Improving skin texture and tone
6. Causing significant skin tightening
7. Improving your complexion
8. Reducing stretch marks

Function of 1550nm fiber laser fractional/pixel laser   :

1).Reduction and possible removal of fine lines and wrinkles.
2).Reduction of age spots and blemishes, acne scars.
3).Repair of sun damaged skin on the face, neck, shoulders and hands.
4).Reduction of hyperpigmentation (darker pigment or brown patches in the skin).
5).Improvement of deeper wrinkles, surgical scares, pores, birth mark and vascular lesion.
6).Fractional laser treatment is safe for most skin types, which includes Fitzpatrick skin types IV and V; Asian, Indian.
7).Hispanic and lighter toned black skin

Advantages of 1550nm fiber laser fractional/pixel laser   

♦ 10.4 inch color touch screen;
♦ Fast and convenience software control;
♦ Reliable and powerful laser with high efficacy;
♦ Safe & comfortable treatment with minimal downtime;
♦ Remarkable results after the non-ablative laser treatment.


Laser type Fiber laser

1550 nm

Laser modeEr-Glass
Output power1 – 120 mJ
Operating modStamping or moving (scanning)
Hand piece tip2 / 3 / 5 cm
Pattern zoneMAX 5 cm
DisplayColor touch screen
Dimensions404 (W) × 557 (D) × 893 (H) mm
Weight30 Kg