DL900 is a diode which has both single wavelegth or triple wavelength diode in same machine case design . Single version od DL900 id 808nm while thr triple version has 3 different wavelenth, 808nm,755nm and 1060nm.

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808nm Diode Laser is the most professional technology to remove unwanted hair. It is suitable for all kinds of skin and hair, can be used on whole body, such as legs, arm, lipsaround, beard, armpit, chest, bikini area.

Technical Specifications 

Technology808nm Diode Laser + HSPC Tech
Screen Technology10.4 inch touch screen
Laser deviceUSA Lasertel imported laser bar
Output power2500w
Spot size 12mm*12mm
Output Energy1-136J/cm2 adjustable
Pulse width1-400ms
Cooling systemWind + Water + Semiconductor + Display cooling + HSPC
Net weight49kg