Combination of 3 wavelength ( 755nm,808nm and 1064nm) painless diode laser hair removal . The machine has a medical Certification from TUV Rheiland .

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Triple wavelengths (755nm/808nm/1064nm) diode laser machine utilizes the 3 most effective wavelengths for hair removal, each targeting different structures within the hair follicle; the 3 main anatomical targets include the bulge, bulb and papilla.

A breakthrough hair removal platform that combines ultimate functionality with unparalleled comfort. Thanks to its large spot size and advanced cooling system, treatments are now much faster and pain free – offering a significant improved solution for patients and practitioners alike. Soprano Titanium leverages the benefits of three combined wavelengths, with an improved patient experience and a business-oriented approach, creating a unique and result driven new solution in the world of professional hair removal.


Hair removal / Skin rejuvenation

Our simple treatment will destroy those hair follicles in a matter of minutes. You'll save time, money, and you'll save yourself from a lifetime of shaving. Seriously. Our medical and nursing professionals have mastered the process of laser hair removal and stand behind it as one of the best ways to get rid of that hair for good. After all, they've performed over six million treatments.


  1. 755nm/808nm/1064nm 3 wavelength in 1, more suitable for all kind and color hair.
  2. Large and stable laser output with the optimized diode laser, ensure the effect of hair removal.
  3. Virtually pain-free contacted with sapphire of Real -5°C more incomparable comfortable, and safety.
  4. Large touch color screen with advanced intuitive and easy human-computer interaction software.
  5. Water+Air+Semiconductor TEC multifunction cooling system, which is more environmental avoiding Freon but quality ensured.
  6. High output laser energy density, up to 120J/cm²
  7. Effectiveness. Maximum efficiency to achieve freezing and painless hair removal treatment. 
  8. Warranty. German-made diode laser model, 20 million shots or 2 year warranty
  9. Pain-free. The tip of handpiece cools down to 0-3℃, makes treatment comfortable and effective. 
  10. Profit. Working non-stop 24 hours every day, maximizes earning for clinics, salons and hospitals.

Technical Specifications

Laser typeDiode laser
Laser wavelength1064nm/808nm/755nm
Display15 color touch LCD screen
Output power600W
Spot size12*16mm2
Pulse width8-685ms adjustable
Energy2-120J/cm2 adjustable
CoolingWater + air + semiconductor
Temperature of probe0~ -5degree
Net weight51.5kg
Gross weight79kg
VoltageAC 110V / 60HZ; AC 220V / 50Hz
PackingAluminum alloy case