Cryolipolysis Slimming 4 handles Powerful Cryolipolysis

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 How does the Cryolipolysis machine can reduce fat?

The cryoenic energy precisely controlled by the non-invasive cryoabsorption device is delivered to the designated lipolysis site, and the fat cells in the designated site are specifically eliminated. The fat cells in the designated site are heated to a specific low temperature and the triglyceride is The liquid is converted into a solid state, and the crystals are aging and die successively. The metabolism is excreted through the body, and the body fat is gradually reduced, thereby achieving the body-shaping effect of the local lipolysis.

 What is the treatment session?

Depending on the thickness of the fat, it will has different treatment cycle. Usually takes 1 to 3 sessions ,at least 30 days between the two sessions.

How long time of one time treatment?

Double chin: About 20min Body:30-40min


4 Cryolipolysis Handles
10  inch touch screen
Cryo handle temperature
Minus 10 degree to 10 degree
Cryo handle working mode
Continue mode/interval mode
Cooling system
Wind + Water + Semiconductor
SizeMiddle size: 189*71*82mm*2,  Small size: 115*55*60mm,  Double chin size: 65*39*54mm
Voltage220v/110v; 50Hz-60Hz