3in1 HIFU for Face&Body and Vaginal > Face lifting, Wrinkle removal > Skin tightening, Fat reduction, Body slimming > Private tighten -- lmprove sexual life > Private lubrication -- lncrease secretion, eliminate dryness > Private sensitivity -- Celi regeneration, reaction enhancement > Private health -- Comprehensive improvement, reduce infection.

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Product Details 

Working Principle

Vaginal Tightening 

it uses ultrasonic waves to send out ultrasonic energy focusing in the lamina propriety and muscle fiber layer in a predetermined depth. in 0.1 second, the temperature of the region can reach to above 65°C, so the collagen is reorganized and the normal tissue outside the focal region is undamaged. The desired depth layer can obtain the ideal effect of collagen contrition, reorganization and regeneration.

Facial lifting 

HIFU technology will release a highly concentrated focus of ultrasonic energy and deliver into the deep skin and cause thermal coagulation to SMAS layer. High heat is condensed in the appropriate location, to stimulate the skin deep dermal tissue, produce more collagen, so it make the skin more compact. 

Treatment & Effect 

•  Face lifting

 • Wrinkle removal

•  Skin tightening

 • Breast lifting

•  Body slimming • Fat reduction

•  Vaginal tightening


Handle2 handles
Energy SourceHigh lntensity Focused Ultrasound
HIFU facial lifting & body slimming handle

5 cartridges: 1.5mm for eyes around 

3.0mm for facia) 

4.5mm for necktreatment 

6.0mm, 8.0mm, 13mm,16mm for body slimming Each cartridge lifespan:20.000 shots 

Energy: 0.1-2.0J
Length: 5mm -25mm

HIFU vaginal handle 

2 cartridges 

3.0mm &4.5mm 

Each cartridge lifespan: 5000 shots 

Power: 160VA
Output Power: 0.2-2.0J (O. lJ stepping)
Spacing: 1.0 to 10mm (0.5mm stepping)
Focal length: 0.5 to 25mm (1.0mm steppi ng)
Rotating angle: 5-25