Fractional CO2 with Glass or RF options

Anyone with aging skin, pigmented skin, scars or struggling with wrinkles and sagging skin can now take advantage of the new technology based on microscopic treatment. Fractional CO2 laser treatment works within microscopic treatment zones and treats the epidermal pigment cells with precisions and without damaging the surrounding tissue. The superior parameters and features include adjustable spot and scans along with Ultra-Short Pulse Durations that ensure a safe and comfortable treatment. Adjustable spot density allows versatile treatment. The light Wight and compact size make for easy setup and quick procedures. 7-joint arm with up to 360° rotation makes for smooth beam delivery. Carbon dioxide laser allows one to get optimum results in just one session. Regain the fresh and healthy skin of your youth with the use of the new technology that promotes a natural process for creating healthier tissue while removing the damaged cells. Get rid of those forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet wrinkles, rough skin or any fine lines on your skin. The treatment is suitable for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. The invasive procedure is completely safe and fast growing in popularity and demand. It is a virtually painless procedure that provides maximum precision treatment with complete safety and accuracy. 1.Acne scar, actenic keratoses and basal cell carcinoma 2.Burn debridement 3.Skin resurfacing and rejuvenation 4.Eliminate the scar after surgery 5.Improve texture tone and pore size 6.Erase unwanted brown spots 7.Smoothing wrinkles around the eyes and mouth