Thermo-lift facial lifting machine is an approved beauty device in the USA. Thanks to the non-invasive anti-wrinkle technology, the device is giving beneficial results. The technology uses high strength radio frequency energy that shrinks and stimulates the collagen protein. The result is the building of a new collagen fiber network that results in a visibly improves skin tincture. Thermo-lift facial lifting is seen as the most advanced product for skin lifting. The RF energy can reach different depths in the skin with great accuracy. A single session can help in removing wrinkles and lifting the face. One can see the immediate effect of the firming skin that looks a lot younger and smoother. The superior technology and advanced technical parameters allow for accurate heating and Interval heating depth focus. Radar positioning and navigation technology make for the precision in the treatment and allow three-dimensional reconstruction of the skin support. The device is able to identify collagen and cellulite from other normal tissues intelligently. The radio frequency energy acts on the shallow dermis layer accurately to achieve the effect of full-face firming and lifting. SCOPE OF TREATMENT Skin Tightening Wrinkle Removal Facial contour shaping Eye bag removal Black eye treatment Body shaping

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 Treatment Principle

 Thermal lifting machine is adopting the new generation of RF firming technology, and the accurate action on superficial layer, middle layer and deep layer to achieve the purpose of wrinkles removal, skin tightening, beautifying and body shaping.



Forehead wrinkle removal
Crow’s-feet removal
Wrinkle on neck removal
Marionette lines removal
Nasolabial folds removaAnti-aging on face
Abdomen shaping
Back shaping
Leg shaping
Striae gravidarum removal


DEPTHLayered tightening, impacts on epidermis layer, dermis layer and SMAS layer.Epidermis layerFocuses on SMAS layer
EFFECT Impacts on dermis, stimulates collagen to increase elasticity and compactnessfocuses on SMAS to promote the loose structure firming skin and fat removalStimulates collagen renascence, no
effect for SMAS.
Energy focused on SMAS. Effectively
lifts loose tissue,but stimulation is
small for epidermis, so is unable to
increase skin elasticity and firmness
FEATUREFacet heating, seamless
pulling technique
Punctiform heatingPunctiform heating

Deep dermis is high temperature,
epidermis is lower, safe operation,
no scald
The temperature of epidermis is
up to 60°C, easy scald, obvious
The traditional ultrasonic knife has a
higher temperature, and it is easy
to scald due to improper skin cooling
Action zone upgrade: breakthrough RF, traditional thermolift and traditional ultrasonic knife operating limits. More suitable for the antiaging of face details, fine lines around eyes, and so on.


Model NBW TL-100
Screen10.4 Inch
RF power150W
RF frequency 40.68MHZ
 Cavitation frequency40khz
Vacuum intensity60kpa
Handpieces RF vacuum for face*1pcs
RF focused for eye*1pcs
RF system for eye*1pcs
40K Cavitation for body*1pcs
VoltageAC220V, AC110V
Machine Size52.8*42.7*99.1(cm)
Net weight37kg