The MedArt FRx CO2 Laser is a well-proven CO2 platform that has proved and verified its worth for many years. MedArt experts employed all their knowledge and more than 30 years of experience to offer advanced fractional treatments with the unique MedArt scanner distributing the energy with adjusted pulse width and spot density. The scanner is connected to the laser by a unique, flexible optical fiber. The laser system is available in a vertical or horizontal position to adapt to the needs of individual clinics.

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MedArt FRx CO2 Laser 

MedArt Solutions for Medical & Aesthetic Indications: 

  1. Skin Rejuvenation Soft Tissue Ablation Wrinkles 
  2. Age Spots 
  3. Large Pores 
  4.  and many more ...

MedArt FRx CO210600 nm wavelength Laser is a compact table-top sized, versatile system connected with an optical fiber for high flexibilty. The optical fiber can be used in focus and defocus mode and coupled to MedArt scanner for fractional treatments. Power setting can be adjusted in increments of 0.1 W from 0.1-15 W allowing great treatment window and options for the operator. MedArt FRx CO2 Laser offer advanced fractional treatments with the unique MedArt scanner distributing the energy. Pulse width, density (low, medium, high) and pattern can be adjusted. MedArt FRx CO2 Laser can be delivered with different MedArt ergonomic hand pieces for dermatology, dentistry and ENT purposes which are optimized for comfort and safety.  

MedArt A/S is a Danish company with an international profile developing, manufacturing, and selling world class medical laser  for aesthetic and medical dermatology.  The company was founded in 1979 and the head office, R&D, manufacturing, and marketing department are all located in Copenhagen, Denmark.  We offer a broad range of medical lasers combined with the MedArt range of scanners and MedArt cooling systems for most dermatological indications. 


Laser TypeContinous Wave or Pulsed CO2 Laser , Laser Class 4 ( EEC60285)
Output Power Range0.1-15W in steps 0.1 Watt
EnergyUp to 105mJ / MTZ
Aiming BeamAdjustable Laser Diode 635nm
Mode of OperationContionous or Pulsed Operation
Frquency Range 0.1Hz-100Hz
Pulse Width10-999msec
Spot Size400 microns
Fiber ConnectionFRx Quick Safe Connect 
Fiber Length165cm
Pulsed EmissionFrquency Range:Min 0.3Hz / Max 100Hz , Pulse Width : 10-1000msec
HandpieceStraight Handpiece or Scanner
Main Voltage 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Safety ClassElectrical Class I Type BF 
Size 58x46x16cm
Product CodeMedArt610 
CertificationsCE0459 / FDA 
Scanner Specifications
Scan Size10x10mm
Scan Density 7x7,9x9,11x11 spots per cm2
Dwell Time2,3,4,5,6,7 or 7msec
Treatment Distance27mm
WeightScanner 290g
Product CodeMedArt  458
Certifications CE0459 / FDA